Eliza Tilton Interview: Broken Forest

What happens when the bad guy kidnaps your sister and you have to save her? Broken Froest by Eliza Tilton, of course! I recently chatted with Eliza all about her series and she was kind enough to answer a few quirky questions for us. Let’s jump in!

1. In Broken Forest, Avikar’s sister is kidnapped. What’s your best advice for avoiding being kidnapped by a lord of Daath?
Find a blood crystal and keep it on you. The stone will negate magic.
2. When going on a quest to work on your manuscript, do you prefer the noise of battle raging around you or the quiet of a forest?
3. If you could pick any outfit to match your book covers, what would your wardrobe look like?
Flowing renaissance dresses, no bustle, just beautiful fabric that hugs all the right places.
4. Avikar has to learn to use his tracking skills in the story to help find his sister…what are your epic tracking skills best known for finding around your house?
 I have zero tracking skills…I thank my 4 kids for that.
5. You’re very into fitness in your personal life. If you were to assign your main characters a signature exercise that represented them, what would they be and why?
Avikar, Derrick, and Raven would be an MMA style routine, Jeslyn would be something simple like running, but with a little yoga added in. Lucino would do that crazy bar thing the arrow does in the TV show. No idea what it’s called , but it’s hot lol.

6. In Daath, everything comes with a price. What’s the best price of being an author for you?
Having a reader say you touched their heart.
7. If you were allowed to bring only one of your book characters to back you up on a mission, which one would it be and why?
Lucino. He’s powerful and fast. I wouldn’t be afraid of anything.
8. Avikar is trying to forget his past when we first meet him. What’s one teenage moment you wish you could forget from your own past?
I don’t have one from my teenage years, but in middle school I was really mean to this girl, super mean. I always think about how I treated her and feel terrible about it.
9. If you were planning to kidnap one of the characters from Broken Forest and steal them away from the book, which one would it be and how would you get your hands on them?
Avikar. I’d pretend I needed help saving someone.
10. At the end of the book, what’s one piece of advice Avikar would give to readers?
Learn to forgive yourself.

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