What I Nearly Forgot In My Acknowledgements


I learned a very valuable lesson recently…or rather, confirmed it. I teach all of my authors to save everything for marketing purposes later. Taking my own advice, i kept everything from while I was writing.

Last week I pulled out my old acknowledgements, ones I wrote two years ago when I wrote my book, then rewrote last year when I considered putting my books out with another publisher.

In pulling them out, I found a treasure trove of information I had forgotten. I was able to remember all those little things, the small events, the inside jokes that happened during my journey. I would have forgotten about a lot of these things had I not had those notes.

So to those of you writing, I encourage you to do the same. Take notes. Write down your inside jokes. Remember all those little things you’ll probably forget in a few months. Don’t let those memories slip away.

You only get one experiences while writing this book-don’t forget any of it!

Stay inspired,

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