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Hey there, YASH players! I’m K.M. Robinson, best selling author of retellings, dystopians, mermaid, sci fi, cyberpunk, steampunk, and fantasy books.

I’m super excited to be joining TEAM PURPLE for this Spring’s YASH event!

I’m giving you the chance to win prize packs of multiple ebooks AND EVERYONE gets SIX FREE BOOKS today just for hanging out.

I’m giving the books above away in several prize packs (multiple winners) below.

And EVERYONE gets all six of these books for free below!

I’m representing Lions and Lamps, my STEAMPUNK ALADDIN retelling that releases NEXT TUESDAY! (omg)

But first, let me introduce you to Christy Sloat, the author I’m hosting for YASH.

Christy Sloat resides in New Jersey with her husband, two daughters and her Chihuahua, Sophie. Christy has embraced the love of reading and writing since her youth and was inspired by her grandmother’s loving support. She loves adventurous journeys with her friends and can be known to get lost inside a bookstore. She is the bestselling author of fourteen novels including, The Librarian, The Visitors Series, The Past Lives Series and the award-winning Slumber Duology.

About the Brown House:

The Brown house isn’t a house you want to mess with. It’s that place where you and your friends go on a dare, but no one is brave enough to go inside, and if they do, they come out screaming. So when Brylee Branson and her family move in, it’s not long before the evil things lurking in corners come out to play.

Bonus Content from Christy:

The house has been in my husbands family for over a hundred years. And when we say it’s haunted, it truly is. As a young boy, my husband lived in this house with his family.  Over the years he experienced hauntings on a daily basis. One story that sticks out in my mind is the day his family came home from a Christmas outing and as they walked in the door, a chair moved away from the table by itself. Many of the events that happened to the many family members who either stayed here short term, or lived there long term, are included in the story.”

See a live video of her walkthrough of this house or join her Bookworms Fanclub on Facebook
Say hi to Christy on Instagram and Facebook or on her website. Grab her book here.

Now let’s talk about those freebies and giveaways, shall we?
Get my incredible retellings (Golden was #7 out of every book in existence on Amazon and #1 in all categories) dystopians (Jaded was #114 of every book in existence on Amazon and #1 in all categories) and mermaid books (Siren Wars was #74 out of every book in existence on Amazon and #1 in all categories) for free at
I’ll also send you some bonus scenes, coloring pages, and more!
Enter to win one of several combinations of these books here:

You do need to do all of the enteries to win, but they’re super easy to do and only take a minute to get through 😉

And while you’re here, you should come hang out for Young Adult Edition with me!

Every Monday at 10am EST, I go live with my co-host, Elle Beaumont, for a new episode of our bookish talk show!

We’ve hosted authors like:


You can see my favorite 31 authors from the show…okay, fine, we’ve had more than 31 guests!

I’ve also introduced you to:

*Professional mermaids from the Circus Siren Pod, Metro Merfolk, Long Island Mer Pod, and more!

*Philo Barnhart, Disney animator who created Ariel, Ursula, Lumiere, Gaston, and more!

*Professional Magician and TV personality Lion Flud

*bookish swag creators

*more authors!

All of these people have appeared on my author and celebrity interviews, Mer Week events, and more!

I’ve even taken you on a tour of a chocolate factory for the release of my Hansel and Gretel retelling, Sugarcoated.

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By the way, did you play the Aladdin game yet? My fabulous host, Madeline, told you all about my choose-your-own-adventure game on her blog…but have you checked it out?


And win even more prizes…like free books AND the first four chapters of Lions and Lamps!

I can’t wait to meet all of you on social media! Reach out @kmrobinsonbooks on all of the social media platforms!

I hate to see you go, but it’s time to send you on your way to your next stop. Head on over to Jessica Ruddick’s blog here.

PS you entered my bonus giveaway and grabbed those six free books, right? Just checking!

Stay inspired,

-K.M. Robinson

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