Meet The Characters of Lions and Lamps

With the new steampunk Aladdin retelling, Stealing Steam Series, releasing soon, I wanted to explore some of the characters you need to know from the first book, Lions and Lamps. The series draws heavily on the original Aladdin tale (which, believe it or not, was Chinese) and is heavily influenced by my hometown’s history as the location of the first steam locomotive in the United States.

Here’s what you need to know about the characters you’ll encounter in the story:


*Father was murdered last year

*Evil Uncle Kacper forced him to compete in the game to steal an airship

*Gets in a lot of fights

*Great thief. Better deciever.

*Finds a magic lamp

Goal: Make enough money to get his mother out of the country safely.


*Adopted daughter of The Governor

*Stole the airship Empress  last year and won the competition

*Isn’t allowed to play for the same benefactor this year

*Skilled at concealing herself

*Ruthless and innocuous

Goal: Steal the new airship and trade for the old one to create home for orphans



*Has been trapped in bottle inside the Collection Cave

*Can grant unlimited wishes, but warns of catch when making a wish

*Connected to many people

*Wasn’t always a genie

Goal: Destroy the servant bond holding him captive


*Aladdin’s uncle

*Works as an Official of Horallen

*Wants to turn Aladdin’s mother against him by proving he is a disgrace

*Has bodyguard do dirty work

*Studies history intently

Goal: Get rid of Aladdin and win the Stourbridge to make himself richer


*Kacper’s bodyguard

*Possibly more machine than man

*Rarely speaks to anyone but Kacper

*Does dirty work behind the scenes

*Very tall and intimidating

Goal: Do what he is told. Destroy Aladdin. Work for the new dynasty under Kacper


*Proprietor of the competition

*Created thee airships Empress and Stourbridge

*Walks on leg extensions

*Has a love/hate relationship with the Officials of Horallen

*Holds many secrets

Goal: Put on an exciting competition. Find what has been lost to him.

The Governor

*Took Cyra in as a child

*Trained her to steal the airship

*Former friends with Issac

*Had advanced knowledge of the competitions

*Richest Official in Horallen

Goal: Use his new sponsor to win this year’s competition and become even richer


*Cyra’s replacement in this year’s competition

*Trying to steal the Stourbridge

*Flirty and annoying

*Terrible at following commands

*Enjoys working with wire

Goal: Win the Stourbridge. Outdo Cyra’s record. Survive the deadly competition


*Works int he Industrial District

*Helped Cyra last year in the competition

*Changes his persona based on the occasion

*Mercenary who works for money

*Loyal only to himself

Goal: One can never really tell what his goals are. He’s far too secretive.

Lady de Ghent

*Windowed wife of an Official

*carries a sword in her cane

*Is connected to Aladdin

*Likes to play meek in public, but knows how to fight

*Has a ticking clock in the back of her head

Goal: Hard to tell what her motives are or whose side she is on

The competition to steal the airship Stourbridge is brutal and full of lies, deceit, and trickery. With all of the characters involved in one way or another, do you think everyone will survive the deadly game?

Let me know who YOU are most excited to meet inside of Lions and Lamps!

Grab your copy of Lions and Lamps now!

Stay inspired,

-K.M. Robinson

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