Meet the Characters of Blood Is Silent

Wondering what my Reed Riding Hood Circus Aerialist retelling is about? Blood Is Silent released inside of the Cirque de vol Mystique young adult circus anthology this week, so it’s time to introduce you to the characters inside of this shiny new circus world!


Here’s what you need to know before you meet the characters:

Red Riding Hood is a circus aerialist and the wolf is ready to cage her.

Sienna has grown up working for the circus, dangling off her signature red silks every night. Her grandmother has been known to wander off to train new acts for their boss, but when Sienna tries to find her to bring her back to the show, she doesn’t expect the dashing and dangerous Elijah to join her.

When they finally Discover Grandma Ida has been transformed deep in the heart of the woods, Sienna will stop at nothing to save her—but the wolf has her right where he wants her, and she won’t be able to escape his claws.

She was told not to go into the woods alone.

Now let’s meet the characters:

Writing Sienna was very interesting because she’s quite a bit more trusting than most of my leading ladies. We also have a bit of a love triangle going on which I typically avoid at all costs, so it was fun to explore this part of the YA world.

I’ve added some fun surprises in along the way and I can’t wait for you to figure out the twist…because it’s good.

Are you excited for this sparkly take on Little Red Riding Hood? Let me know who you’re most excited to meet down in the comments below!

Stay inspired,

-K.M. Robinson

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