Legends Chronicles Bonus Scene: A Spider and Arach Bonus (National Spider Day)

Are you a fan of The Legends Chronicles? Today is National Spider Day and I’m giving out a Legends bonus scene featuring Spider and Arach!

“Are you seriously messing with her again?”

Arach shifted from his position against the doorframe, keeping his arms crossed over his chest. Spider glanced up at his brother, more annoyed at the size of his arms than at the intrusion—Arach could crush a person if he wanted to.

“Go away, Arach,” Spider mumbled.

“No,” he grinned, plopping down beside Spider on the couch. “Move over—I want to see.”

Arach pushed at his brother’s arm, forcing him to scoot over on the couch. Arach leaned toward him, peering at the computer screen Spider held.

“What’s she doing now?”

“Does it matter?” Spider asked, annoyed.

“I mean, it might…” he grinned, trailing off.

“Go away, Arach,” Spider pleaded gruffly.

“Why are you so obsessed with this girl? It’s not like you’ll ever meet her,” he eyed Spider intently. “And don’t tell me it’s your job.”

“It is,” Spider protested. “I can’t help it that Piper assigned me to terrorize her.”

“I’m pretty sure you could handle that one all on your own, even without Piper’s command, baby brother,” Arach teased. He nodded to the screen. “What’s she doing there?”

“She’s hacking into the Hub.”

“And we care because…?” Arach drawled.

“I don’t think we do. Not this time, anyway. I’m just monitoring.”

“You honestly think the girl that has been so guarded would just let you find her all of a sudden?” Arach challenged.

“I think she’s trying to draw me out,” Spider shrugged. “She nearly caught me last week, so now she’s trying to bait me.”

“I see.”

Arach slid his arm over the back of the couch, drumming his fingers on the side of the keyboard. Spider stiffened but didn’t say anything—it was amazing how his brother always made him feel like such a kid.

“I figure if I look like I disappeared, she’ll eventually stop looking for me.”

“Yeah, I’m sure that will work,” Arach harassed him.

“She’ll get her guard down at some point.”

“I’m sure you’ll sweet talk that punk princess into letting her guard down, bro,” Arach laughed. “She might kill you first…but I’m sure you have a shot.”

Muffet’s signature unicorn appeared on the screen, flitting across quickly as she buried it in her code.

“Love notes?” Arach teased as he caught sight of it.

Spider never should have told him about her signature.

“I will bite you,” Spider looked at him seriously.

“Really? Back to the threats of a two-year-old?” Arach refused to let up.

Spider turned back to his screen, pulling up a new window. Typing furiously, he tried to contain his smug grin until he was finished. Arach frowned as he caught on to what his brother was doing and tried to snatch the computer away from him.

“Don’t,” Arach threatened.

Spider kept typing as his brother struggled to reach him.

“Too late,” Spider grinned, victorious. “Should have walked away when I told you to.”

Arach raged internally, turning to pick up a pillow. He slammed it into his brother, knowing an actual punch might injure him. Spider took the hit, knowing his revenge was worth it.

Standing, Arach threw the pillow at Spider and stalked off. It would take him at least a few hours to restore power to his room, which meant he’d be working well into the night to get everything done for Piper’s assignment.

Spider turned back to the screen, closing the tab with his revenge on his brother. Fet was still typing, deep within the system at the Hub. Without warning, it shut off.

She was gone.

Spider waited, watching for her to return. He checked the system, but still no target. He finally gave up, closing over the computer and activating his device.

He leaned back into the once comfortable couch, now flattened with age and use. Even the pillow was uncomfortable, but it was what he had to work with. The lights overhead flickered, making Spider glance up.

A few quick swipes on his device and he locked his brother out of the system. His parents had trained them both well, but where Arach succeeded with physical pursuits, Spider excelled in digital ones.

A hand pounded the other side of the wall as Arach realized in frustration that he was locked out. Arach was still better than most of Piper’s men, but he would never beat Spider at hacking.

Spider kicked his feet up, not caring that his combat boots were on the furniture—it wasn’t his anyway.

He could hear Arach working on the other side of the wall, having given up on hacking his way in to fix things. Shuffling noises came through the divider, muffled as Arach worked to get into the wires to try to fix the problem.

Spider waited, exploring a new portal on his device for a few minutes before entering the system again. His gloved hand flicked over the screen, uncovered fingertips unlocking the system and transferring the problem to another location, destroying the work his brother had just done.

Arach gave an annoyed groan when he discovered his baby brother had messed with him again. Spider grinned, brushing back a long strand of his hair. The smile slipped off his face as a new message came across his device.

It was time for another meeting with Piper.

What do you think? Do you love Spider and Arach even more now? I love seeing their brotherly dynamic!

What other Spider and Arach scenes do you want to see?

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