How to Mermaid-ify Your Facebook Profile Photo

Living life on the shore can be rough when you don’t have easy access to beach waves and starfish hair accessories…but don’t worry, there’s a Facebook Filter for that!


You can now transform even the most dry of photos into one magical enough to have been taken on the beach!


Step 1: Grab your cell phone and open your Facebook app.


Step 2: Like @Kmrobinsonbooks on Facebook. Once you like the Page, the filter will automatically appear in your camera app.


Step 3: Open your camera app within Facebook and scroll through your filters until you find the Mermazing Starfish filter.

Click on the camera app to open it.

Click on the magic wand to open the different features.

Then click on the frame button on the bottom right corner.

Now scroll through until you find the Mermazing frame.

Once you’ve found it, click on it to open the frame.

Step 4: Position your self so that the starfish is sitting in your hair. It could be off to the side or wayyyyy off to the side. Tip and tilt your head until you’re happy with the look!

Step 5: Snap the photo!

Step 6: Post on Facebook with a fabulous caption about how life is better as a mermaid and watch the comments roll in about how fabulous you look as a mermaid!


Step 7: Tell your friends about the filter so you all can mermaid-ify your profile photos or videos!


Want more mermaid filters? Drop us a comment below about what YOU’D like to see and we’ll see what we can come up with!

Enjoy your Siren Wars Saga inspired filter!

Stay inspired!

-K.M. Robinson


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