How Do I Get Your Book Bonus Scenes? (Fan Question)

Emma recently wrote in to ask where she could find the bonus scenes I’ve written for The Golden Trilogy, The Jaded Duology, and The Legends Chronicles.

Well, Emma, funny you should ask, because I have bonus scenes all over the dang place!

You can access two of the Golden and Jaded bonus scenes by SENDING ME A DM on Facebook. My bot will grab those bonus scenes for you ASAP.

You can read weekly installment of short scenes from The Legends Chronicles by hitting up my newly created Wattpad account.

I also sprinkle a bunch of limited edition bonuses on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Youtube, and my blog. Hit. Me. Up, darlings.

Have a specific scene you want to read from any of my series? Maybe you want to see another character’s POV, or hear a story from a character’s past that was mentioned in the book. Maybe you just want to see more from a certain character. Hit up the comments and tell me what you want to see…I might just write it!

Stay inspired,


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