Fan Art: Dov

Hello, Dov (a.k.a Baby Bear from Goldilocks)

I love this fan art piece created by my amazing Reading Transforms artist, Alexis.


Those. Eyes.

This is such a fun image because, to me at least, it looks like Dov is about to kiss Auluria…and I love it! haha

The artist did a great job showing off Dov’s longer, dark hair, piercing blue eyes, and over all wonderfulness. Dov has a way about him that puts everyone at ease and I think that’s represented so well in this image…but I might be a little biased lol

Which side of Dov do you like best-his easy going friendly side, his responsible side, or his take-charge side? Comment below and let me know why you love Dov Baer!

Stay inspired,


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