Elle Beaumont Interview: Binding of the Sea

In a turn of events, I put my usual co-host, Elle Beaumont, on the hot seat today as she joined me for a live interview AND a blog interview! You know her, you love her, and now you get to see even more of her.

Before we dive in, I asked Elle to tell us about her story, Binding of the Sea: “Zinnia is a student of Selith Academy, a school where elite Merfolk attend to perfect their magical abilities. She and her friend, Dru, are eagerly awaiting the Trial which takes place every twelve years. But when they stumble on Prince Loch threatening an infamous Sea Witch in the community, they begin to wonder why, especially when the Prince is invited to sit in on the Trial. What comes of buried truths? And is it better to keep them buried or to rise from the depths they were forced into?”

Sounds pretty cool, right? Let’s dive in and get to the questions!

1. In Binding of the Sea, Zinnia has her signature bangles. If you could pick any accessory that would represent you, what would it be and why?

Chokers. I’ve had an obsession with them since I was young and wear them even when they aren’t ‘in style’ I have a collection of chokers and recently you’ll see me wearing my turtle one. This symbolizes me coming out of my shell and pursuing a life of a published author. 😉 Turtle power! As for why I love the different styles they come in and I’m not really keen on overly loose jewelry… I’m fairly clumsy so the less chance of snagging on something the better.

2. Your Mer can weave spells with their voices, but if your voice could inspire your house to do anyone chore for you, which one would it be?
That’s a hard question and I’m torn between the dishes and laundry but I’m definitely going for the laundry. If it could wash, cart itself up the stairs and fold itself neatly? Heck yes…. that would be a dream come true!
3. If you could have your own Hippocampus, what would it look like?
Oh gosh.. Definitely black with streaks of blue, and a big frilly crest! I’d want one that was intense looking and a sweetheart at the same time. Something that would make other mer think twice about approaching.
4. Assuming you’re put through the Trial, would you pass it?
I would try my hardest but I never test well. I choke up and I flounder [see what I did there,] but really… I’d give it my all… If I were up against Dru or Zinnia? I’d definitely lose!
5. Zinnia wears a gown in Binding of the sea—does she prefer looser gowns or more fitted gowns for easier swimming?
Zinnia loves her dresses and loves making them herself. She is practical above all else and would never put style above comfort so she’d be wearing a loose gown. Something that accented her frills on her tail.

6. Mistress Oinone seems rather interesting—have you ever considered writing her backstory and can you give us a little hint about her life?
Oinone is amazing. She has such a story behind her and it was something that tickled the back of my mind. I think she had a big part in the academy and she is an instrumental piece in the sea witch community– aside from being a coven leader and teacher. She definitely had the king’s ear and trust. If there were enough people that wanted to see this… I think I could swing it. 😉
7. Who do you think would be more helpful as a writing partner—Zinnia or Dru?
ZINNIA! Hands down… Dru would end up distracting me. As it was, he wasn’t supposed to even BE in the story, but he wiggled himself in and declared himself important enough to co-star with Zinnia. Bonus: He was written in because I wanted someone to calm her nerves when she sat down at the trial. THAT character wasn’t supposed to have a name, but he had other ideas.
8. If you had to take a test like Zinnia, what time of day would you want to take it during?
Don’t test me first thing in the morning… I’ll be specific and say 10-11am those are my sweet spots. Any later in the day and my brain fizzles, and early… I need 2 hours for my coffee to settle in and wake me up!
9. Your Mer can cast spells with the movements of their hands. If you could wiggle your fingers and bring one character from your book to life, which one would you want to have come for a visit?
Oinoine. Definitely Oinoine. She’s so quirky and I think she’d be an interesting conversationalist. She’s old even in mer years and has been through a lot. I’d love to sit [or swim] with her and listen to her stories, soak up her wisdom and just learn as much as possible.
10. If you were forced to live in the ocean as a Mer, where would you build your home?
As much as I love my northeast coastal life… the water never really warms up here. I’d definitely move somewhere tropical. Like the Gulf or Hawaii! Everything is much more colorful there…and your appendages don’t freeze off even in the summer months. 😉

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