Beach Day Basics: How to Bookishly Enjoy the Beach

Beach day? Okay! What do YOU take on a beach trip?

I jumped on IG Stories recently to do a quick tutorial on how to prep for a bookish beach day, but let me give you the highlights here:

1.) You need a book, duh. Mermaid books are best. This one is free at

2.) Hat and sunglasses are the only acceptable shade to be throwing around. Bring sunscreen to prevent burns.

3.) Sun foster inspiration, so bring a notebook to write things down.

4.) Watches are required for getting there on time, but should be promptly thrown into the sea upon arrival….you honestly don’t need to go back, so why bother hanging on to it, am I right?

5.) Seriously, we’re not going back, so maybe bring a tent or something. A blanket? Towel? Who cares—tropical vacay life for the win.

You in? What book are you going to bring with you?

Personally, I don’t read at the beach. I play in the water and look for shells, and then I’ll read later in the hotel/condo/house with the sliding door open or out on the deck as I listen to the water, but if I were going to recommend a beach themed book, I’d go with The Replacement Crush by Lisa Brown Roberts which is set at the beach, and while we don’t get a ton of beach time in the story, it’s an adorable nerdy romance with a hot McNerd and a girl who refuses to date him…until she can’t stay away.

PS don’t forget the sunscreen while you’re out handing in the sand and surf! The sun is hot, my friends, and skin care is important!
So tell me, what book are you reading out by the waves?
Stay inspired,
-K.M. Robinson


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