Annie Sullivan Interview: A Touch of Gold

I recently made a new friend. Her name is Annie Sullivan and I managed to rope her into doing an author interview and live broadcast interview with me about her new book, A Touch of Gold, for my author interview series. Before we jump in, I asked Annie to tell us a bit about her book!

“A Touch of Gold is about the cursed daughter of King Midas who faces pirates, betrayers, and thieves on her quest to retrieve her father’s gold when it gets stolen. It’s an inventive new fairytale retellings that incorporates Greek mythology while also adding several new twists!”

Sounds amazing, right? You know I love a good retelling! Let’s jump in and see what else she has to say!


  1. In A Touch of Gold, Kora’s father, King Midas, can turn things into gold. If your touch could transform objects into something, what would it be?

Perhaps this is twisting the question, but I would love if my touch could heal. There’s so much sadness and sickness in the world that I would love to be able to give people back their lives by making them healthy again.


  1. Kora sets sail to find the objects that have been stolen from her father, but do you have your sea legs…or do you hide on land?

I love being out at sea! There’s something so calming about being out on the open water and listening to it crash against the boat. However, I do admit that I still get sea sick on small boats, so I’m sure to pack some Dramamine whenever I travel! (K.M. sidenote: waise choice, ma’am, wise choice!)


  1. If you were randomly put on a ship, would you be the type of gal they’d keep around to help or would they throw you overboard?

Haha! I would totally be kept around to help. I would entertain them with all the stories I know, and I can sew—so I could mend their clothes for them. I like to think I’m resourceful enough to make myself useful!


  1. If you lived in a palace like Kora, would you sneak away before the sun rises or after the sun sets to do your writing without being caught?

Definitley after the sun sets. I write a lot more at night, and there is no way I’m getting up before the sun. This princess needs her beauty sleep!


  1. If you had to partner up with a character from the book for a mission but you couldn’t pick your first choice, who is second on your list and why?

I don’t want to give anything away, but there’s a character on the ship that just the kind of guy I’d like to be friends with because I feel like he’d make you laugh. But he’s also a hard worker.


  1. The entire story revolves around the color gold, but if you could pick any color other than that to represent your life, what color would it be?

Purple! I love the color purple. I even painted my bedroom walls a light purple color. (K.M. sidenote: we’re totally soul sisters #purplelove)


  1. If you could give cousin Hettie one piece of advice before she boards the ship with Kora to find the missing treasure, what would it be and would she listen?

Ha! I’d tell her to pack better than she does! But she totally wouldn’t listen because she’s too headstrong. She’d probably do the opposite just to spite me! But at least Hettie is good at getting what she wants.


  1. Who is one author you think has “the golden touch” in the YA book world and what makes you love their books so much?

I love Marissa Meyer’s Lunar Chronicles series. Her characters and plot are so well developed that you can’t help but be sucked into her world. The whole story just unfolds so naturally and as is she knew in book 1 what was going to happen in book 4, which is not always easy to do.


  1. Let’s assume you’re a pirate that’s found their way into your story. What’s your pirate name?

Captain EE. I actually play pirates a lot with my niece and nephews, and they call me EE because they couldn’t say Annie when they were little. So that name would be something I’d remember to answer to.  (K.M. sidenote: this is adorable! Kids are the best!)

10. If King Midas accidentally bumped into you and you started to turn to gold, would you strike a pose and which one would it be?

Hahaha! I love this question. I think I would want to be smiling so in case I got stuck that way forever at least I would be a happy statue! (K.M. sidenote: this is totally perfect for Annie!)

A Touch of Gold can be found here! Want to learn more about Annie Sullivan?





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