Why I Chose To Make Hansel and Gretel’s Witch Into a Hero in Sugarcoated

Hansel and Gretel’s witch wasn’t actually a villain. She was on their side in the fight against the mad king…but the history books lie and not everyone will survive the assassination attempt.

Want to know why I decided to turn the witch into a hero who took the fall? There’s a video for that:

Here’s what you need to know about Sugarcoated:

Hansel and Gretel’s witch…wasn’t.

Annika’s job is to create a cake to match the candy-colored rooftops, nightly firework shows, and daily parades ending in unexpected executions for the mad king’s ball, but her true mission is to sneak a thirteen-year-old assassin into the palace using her gift of illusions.

Hansel’s job is to protect his little sister, Gretel, once she assassinates King Levin and ends the destruction in Candestrachen, using his power over light to rescue the young girl from the chaos her influence over life and death will create.

When the entire forest reconstructs itself under Gretel’s command while trying to save herself from a king’s guard, Hansel and Annika must put their feelings aside and ensure their plan holds true—even if it means one of them has to sacrifice themselves to protect the mission.

Her illusions were meant to save her….but not everyone will survive the assassination attempt.

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