Why Did I Make Them the Baers And Not Bears? (Live Q&A)

Why did I chose to change Goldilocks and the Three Bears to Goldilocks and the Three Baers?

This is a fabulous question I’ve been getting from fans and I wanted to take a moment to chat about that, show off some fan art and more:

In the original story, Goldilocks encountered three talking bears. Because I was turning the entire story upside down and making people rethink what they were originally told about this story, I knew I needed to stay away from talking animals…so the bears had to be people, thus the last name of Baer.

I put huge spins on each of the original characters, worked in a lot of (but not all of-some of it comes later) the original story and complete changed everything you thought you knew about Goldilocks.

I also didn’t like the father/mother/child relationship, but I wanted to keep them related, so we ran with two brothers and the oldest brother’s wife. So we still have that oversight from the older brother and his wife, and then the youngest is a bit more submissive because he is second in command under his brother. We still have that parental feel at times with the wife/sister-in-law, but it’s nothing like the original tale.

Check out the video for more info!

Do you like that the bears are actually the Baers and that they’re fighting to survive not only the Society they live in but the other groups who are trying to destroy the Society? Tell me in the comments!

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