What Would Your Characters Wear For Costumes?

Yesterday was Halloween and I had a great time with our live broadcast costume party, doing Halloween interviews, etc

One of the great questions I got asked is what would me characters dress up as, so I wanted to pop on and give you some rather fun descriptions!

Golden Characters:
Auluria would be some fancy ninja assassin with sleeked back hair and dark eyeliner or an evil queen with a big dress and collar, while Dov would go for a dashing Robin Hood look or something to compliment Auluria’s costume.


Jaded Characters:

Jade would go for a victorian steampunk angel look, while Roan would awkwardly do the steampunk look too to make Jade happy.
Along Came A Spider Characters:
Fet might put on some cat ears, but she’s already got a loud wardrobe so the whole costume thing doesn’t hold much allure, while Spider would probably dress like a masculine version of Fet with her loud pink and black plaid outfit, and talk in a high pitched voice just to annoy her.

Personally, I’m picturing these six in a room together at a costume party! Jade and Auluria would be having a ball hanging out. Dov would be animatedly talking with them. Roan would be the fourth wheel of the conversation, while Fet is busy rolling her eyes at everyone, Spider, by her side, trying to torment here and finding an ally in Dov. Oh, I can see it now!

What do YOU think? Do you like these costuem ideas for my babies or do you have other ideas? Hit up the comments and let me know what you think!

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