What Is A Mermaid Bra Called? And Other Important Mermaid Words

Have you ever wondered what the proper term for a mermaid bra is? While there isn’t a definitive set of mer words in the mermaid community, a number of mermaid words can be found in novels like The Siren Wars Saga that people have started to use in their own mer stories/mer culture.

As the creator of this mer language, here’s a list of some of the most helpful words that you have my blessing to use in your own stories, etc, in order to help formulate a more cohesive branding inside of the world of mer literature. I’ve also included some phrases I use in my stories as well that you’re welcome to use, and included a list of mer wardrobe pieces/words. If you have questions, feel free to ask!


Iluse[ill-use]: (noun) chest covering for mermaids, mermaid bra, usually made from seaweed, netting, etc. Typically decorated with small shells. Used by mermaid spies to conceal weapons on occasion. Not made solely of giant shells.

Sarasa (sairah-s-uh): (noun) sash worn by mermen across chest from one shoulder to opposite hip, usually made of seaweed, plant life, or netting.

Chest plate: (noun) a piece of armor worn across a mer’s chest to protect them during battle, or for fancy occasions like balls and festivals. These are also part of the uniform for mer guards.

Shoulder armor: (noun) Worn on one or both shoulders to protect mer during battle. Also frequently worn by mermen for special occasions or when they want to show off.

Belt: (noun) belt worn on hips just about tail to carry money, tools, etc Typically worn by mermen, as the belts tend to be a bit bulkier to be functional, but some mermaid also use them. Belts are also worn by mermen for festivals and special events, but those are less functional and a bit fancier.

Mer Words

Collection: (noun) a group of mer (note: some people refer to this as a pod, but I didn’t want it so easily confused with the word for a group of dolphins)

Dwelling: a merm home, a place where mer live. Usually encrusted in jewels dropped into the ocean by sailers during storms.

Mer Phrases

Take the next stroke: to take the next step (ex: the next stroke forward)

Should the occasion bubble up: should the occasion arise

For coral’s sake: for goodness sake (ex: for coral’s sake, don’t scare me like that)

Coral knows: heaven knows (ex: coral knows she snuck out every night)

Beat around the kelp bed: beat around the bush (ex: don’t beat around the kelp bed, just tell me the story)

The last crab leg: the last straw (ex: the broken dish was the last crab leg!)

Whirlpool of trouble: in a ton of trouble

Mer mannerisms

*Nodding sharply is a sign of respect to the royals

*Family secrets tend to be passed through gender lines (ex: all of the royals’ spies are from the female lines of cousins to the queens and kings)

*Styling a mermaid’s hair is a sign of love, respect, or friendship. It’s very common for mermen to style hair for their mothers/sisters/girlfriends/wives/daughters/close friends. Merman are actually very good at styling hair.

*Mer eat kelp, seaweed, and shelfish, but never fish.

*All mer have the ability to siren, they just chose to use it for good or evil purposes.

Please note, this is an ongoing list and as my mermaid books and series continue, this list will grow.

For more mermaid language, mannerisms, phrases, and wardrobe, take a look at The Siren Wars Saga or The Sinking.

**Please do not use my characters, places, or events in your stories. You’re welcome to use the listed words above, but not the world I have created. If you have questions, please reach out—I’d love to hear from you!

Stay inspired,

-K.M. Robinson


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