What Do Readers Expect From A Retelling? (Retellings Q&A Video Series)

What do readers expect from a fairytale retelling? And what is actually the hardest part of writing them?

This week, I was flooded with fan questions about retellings, so I put the call out on social media for more questions and picked the most common questions I was asked to create a video series with answers for those aspiring authors and established authors looking to jump into the world of retellings.

In this episode, I talk about reader expectations and how that ties into the surprising (or not-so-surprising) hardest part about writing them successfully.

This Video 1 of the Retellings Q&A Video Series with K.M. Robinson, author of The Golden Trilogy. Video 2 will be up tomorrow with advice for what not to do in a retelling + if only using one plot point counts as a retelling.

Submit your questions at kmrobinsonbooks.com or @kmrobinsonbooks on social media.

Stay inspired,

-K.M. Robinson

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