The Siren Wars Goes to A Mermaid Pool Party

Last week, The Siren Wars Saga went to the FinFun Mermaid Pool Party in Summit, NJ, where we met professional mermaid sisters, Caylist and Mist, hung out with the team from FinFun Mermaids, and got to try on mermaid tails.

It was a completely epic time and we had so much fun!

I had a great time meeting Caylis and Mist (who happen to be based out of Long Island) and they were kind enough to hang out with The Siren Wars and with me over on social media!

I even got the chance to try on a tail of my own….the one they handed me was purple, so I may or may not have taken it as a sign that I really am Celena from The Siren Wars!

I also met a shark:

FinFun gave out some awesome swag too!

*Towel and pool not included lol

Over all, I had an amazing time pretending to be a mermaid, hanging with the real mermaids, and repping for The Siren Wars!

PS the tail was so cool that when I went to a second pool party the next day for a photo shoot, I hated swimming without it…and I bought one of my own!

If you were hosting a mermaid pool party, what would you plan for it?

Stay inspired,

-K.M. Robinson

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