The Location That Inspired the Hiding Place In Chapter 11 of Golden

In Golden there is a scene where Dov and Auluria are forced to hide from (can’t tell you-spoilers) but this is a the location that kind of inspired where they hid.

Now don’t get me wrong, the actual location is similar to this location except in the book it’s later in the season and the bush is huge and covered in leaves.

Some people unfortunately are actually cutting down this real life location and this is what is left at the moment, but it gives you a little bit of a look into this place.

When I was a girl I would spend hours inside these massive bushes. We’d play in the little rooms we cleared out inside the bush, with tunnels and trails for us to follow.

I remember being surrounded by the stalks and leaves as they towered over me, having to peek out through the branches to see the outside world. I picked this for Dov and Auluria because it was safe and protected from the world. When I was inside of the bush everything else was shut out. Everything was quiet and comforting (unless we were playing a game, then it wasn’t so quiet) and I remember looking up through the top of the branches and catching  glimpses of the sky twinkling through the leaves like stars at night. It was beautiful and I knew I wanted to write it in.

Without giving spoilers, sound off in the comments about if you loved that particular scene in the book and the circumstances surrounding it!

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