Take Me To Tea: The Behind The Scenes of My Latest Giveaway

Hey there, darlings!

Today I did something super fun…that’s going to be very interesting to you: today I designed a custom blend tea for Golden.

So why did I create this awesome custom tea?

I’m taking part in a really blog event called SerendipiTEA. Check it out:

This is a blog tour event brought to you by SEVENTEEN debut authors from 2017. Umm, come on!

We’re hanging out with 17 amazing bloggers, talking about our books, tea, and life…and we’re giving away ARCs, teas that are connected to our books, and swag!

Need I say more?

So let’s talk about this tea of mine…

With the help of my dear friend, Lyssa Chiavari, and Jamah, over at BlendBee, we’ve created an amazing tea flavor for Golden. I’m not going to tell you what’s in it just yet (but there will be photographic proof as soon as it arrives) but it IS inspired by the woods and pond in the story, so you can guess some of the elements in it.

The tea is called…ready for this…Duluria. Yes, the ship name for Dov and Auluria. I’m so excited!

So tell me, who wants to get their hands on a cup of Duluria tea? I just might be able to make that happen-drop it in the comments if this sounds awesome and you want your own Duluria tea!

More info on the SerendipiTEA event to come! I’ll keep you posted!

Stay inspired,



5 thoughts on “Take Me To Tea: The Behind The Scenes of My Latest Giveaway

    1. I actually might start selling it in my shop. I have to reach out to the lady who blends it for me and see what we can do 😉 I’ll keep you posted!

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