QUIZ: What Book Should You Read Based On Your Favorite Game of Thrones Character?

The final season of Game of Throne premieres tonight, but waiting a week between each episode is going to be exceptionally difficult…which means you need a distraction in between episodes!

You can play the quiz at got.kmrobinsonbooks.com or you can look up your results below (and read the rest of them!)

Based on your favorite GoT character, here’s what you should be reading:

Daenerys Targaryen = Virtually Sleeping Beauty by K.M. Robinson

You should read Virtually Sleeping Beauty…not *just* because there are dragons, but because Rora has had a path very much like Dany’s.

Rora quietly worked her way up from nothing until she became the second most powerful player in the virtual reality system her country uses, and now she’s aiming for the throne…and she doesn’t need a man’s help to do it.

If you love strong leading ladies with killer wardrobes and hot guys following her around as she protects the kingdom and saves her dragons. This is for you.

More info at vsbinfo.kmrobinsonbooks.com


Sansa Stark = Sugarcoated by K.M. Robinson

Much like Sansa, Annika had a plan…that went very, very wrong. While Sansa’s plan was to end up on the throne, Annika (along with Hansel and his kid sister, Gretel) was trying to remove an evil king from the throne.

Annika and Sansa both quickly learned to keep their heads down, play the game, and learn from everyone around them. They both use their knowledge and power to help protect people, but Annika’s illusions won’t be enough to save them from the Mad King.

Now strong and resilient, Annika is prepared to die for her cause…and she might as she steps into leadership.

Learn more at sugarcoatedinfo.kmrobinsonbooks.com

Jon Snow = Golden by K.M. Robinson

Much like Jon, Auluria has never really known her place since she was orphaned and taken in by her aunt. With only her cousin left now, she does whatever she can to help his cause, but quickly learns nothing is as it seems as Goldilocks sets out to destroy the three Baers.

Struggling to do what is asked of her while still saving everyone around her, she makes choices that will cost her and the man she falls for.

But much like in Westeros, a bigger threat is coming, and even if she can survive her mission, she might not survive the Society’s wrath.

Learn more at goldeninfo.kmrobinsonbooks.com

Arya Stark = Cindrill

Much like Arya Stark, Cindrill is a woman of action…and she has a penchant for killing. From one assassin to another, I’m pretty sure Arya and Cindrill would be best friends in real life…or take each other out immediately. Either/or.

While Arya has a list of her own, Cindrill works under the head assassin whose job it is to murder the prince and his father at the engagement ball, but when the prince cuts Cindrill’s foot around a fancy shoe, and her nano bot mask races off her face, we jump into a deadly and twisted Cinderella story that’s *very* hard to survive.

Learn more at cindrillinfo.kmrobinsonbooks.com

Cersei Lannister = Jaded

You like evil villains, don’t you? No one is more cruel or wicked than the Commander in Jaded. Much like Cersei, the Commander’s goal is to stay in power and get his revenge by any means…even if that means forcing his enemy’s daughter to marry his son, make the country believe they love her, and then murder her and make it look like an accident just to hurt his rival after a failed coup.

Surviving Commander Diamond is as hard for Jade as surviving the ruling Lannister would be. Think YOU can survive the Commander’s wrath?

Find out more at jadedinfo.kmrobinsonbooks.com 

Tyrion Lannister = Origins of the Siren Wars

Tyrion lived a simple life until he realized there was more than lounging around all day and stepped up to try to help his kingdom, even when it meant going against his family. When Princess Aila discovers her cousin is trying to murder the human prince, she must swim in to save him, even though she has to betray her family to do it.

Between the internal battle within the royal mer family and the war her cousin has now started with the humans, insignificant Aila must change the course of history and do the unexpected.

Learn more at originsinfo.kmrobinsonbooks.com

Brienne of Tarth = The Siren Wars

Much like Brienne, Celena is a warrior and a spy. She has dedicated her life to her cousin, the Mer Queen, and when the sirens break through the barriers, she puts her life at risk to save the kingdom.

Highly trained, Celena not only knows how to fight, but she knows how to keep secrets. When she starts to have feelings for her partner, Merrick, she has to push them aside for focus on her mission…but don’t worry, Merrick doesn’t take as long as Jaime, depite a much-more-serious-and-deadly version of Tormund showing up along the way.

Learn more at sirenwarsinfo.kmrobinsonbooks.com

Jaime Lannister = The Sinking

Mer Prince Quay was born to privilege, much like Jaime, and both men hold secrets. They put on a good face for the public, but their intentions have always been to serve themselves and their stations.

When strong, independent women come into their lives, Quay and Jaime have to chose to step up in new and unexpected ways…because the villains might be closer than they think.

Learn more about this twisted Little Mermaid retelling where Cara fights to get her legs back and avoid the sea witch’s evil plan with Quay’s help at thesinkinginfo.kmrobinsonbooks.com

Margaery Tyrell = The Revolution of Jack Frost

Margaery has always been a woman with a mission: she knew what she wanted and she knew how to manipulate and play the game to get it, but she did it in a way that’s so endearing that most people never saw her coming…and the secrets floating around The Revolution of Jack Frost hold that same charm—no one can tell who is controlling life inside the Bunker until it’s too late, and when the secret is revealed, no one will believe it.

Genesis & Jack have to keep the little control they have in order to protect their people, but a simple smile and acts of kindness should do the trick.

Learn more at jackfrost.kmrobinsonbooks.com

Samwell Tarly = Blood Is Silent

Sam is sweet and kind, but he banishes his naiveté when it comes time to protect those he loves, much like Sienna does when her grandma goes missing somewhere in the woods outside of the circus.

Family is incredibly important to Red Riding Hood, as it is to Sam, and both are willing to fight and die for their loved ones, but their sweet demeanor and willingness to trust people could lead to their destruction…especially when wolves and White Walkers come into play.

Learn more at bloodissilentinfo.kmrobinsonbooks.com

Ygritte = Along Came A Spider

Both Ygritte and Muffet are no-nonsense women. While they like their men, they’ll never let them know it, and will use their ways to charm their men into doing exactly what they want, all while pushing them away.

Sassy, and sometimes downright rude, Ygritte and Muffet will get exactly what they want—whether it’s Jon Snow and Spider, or taking down the villains through war—in person or online—all while boasting killer-and-completely-unique fashion.

Learn more about this Miss Muffet hacker retelling at acasinfo.kmrobinsonbooks.com


I’m dropping more quizzes, games, and Game of Thrones love over the next few weeks, so stay tuned.

In the meantime…who do YOU think will end up on the Iron Throne?

Stay inspired,

-K.M. Robinson

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