Mermaid Tail Unboxing: K.M. Robinson Transforms Into Celena From The Siren Wars

While at the Mermaid Pool Party last week, I fell in love with the mermaid tail I tried on….so I bought one. I jumped on a live broadcast and unboxed it on air!

I love that my tail is similar to Celena’s purple tail from The Siren Wars Saga (though it kind of looks pink in the thumbnail haha)

The tail is super comfortable to wear (as is the monofin) and comes with reinforced tips to make it last longer. I learned the hard way that you can’t just hang it up to dry, but I’m comign up with some inventive ways of testing this out!

I also learned the best way to move is by flicking your ankles rather than trying to use your knees to kick and propel you forward. Using a mermaid tail is work, so it’s also a great workout for you!

Don’t worry, I’ll have more photo proof to come, but my first swim with it was just me, so no one was there to photograph it for me. Soon though!

If you could have any color mermaid tail, what color would you pick?

Stay inspired,

-K.M. Robinson


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