Mermaid Anthology Artwork Submission

Want a place to show off your best mermaid artwork? We’ve got an opportunity for you!

The OF THE DEEP mermaid anthology is taking submissions for mermaid artwork. The anthology is a young adult collection of mermaid stories created by several amazing authors. We’re inviting you to submit your mermaid art for the printed version of the book!

This is a collaboration between the authors to produce this book and we’d love to welcome you to join us. There is no fee for submitting your work, nor will you be asked to contribute to the cost of advertising for the book (our authors are handling that!)

Artwork will be featured in printed version only (not the ebook)

We’re looking for artwork that celebrates mermaids/mermen. If you need inspiration, we’re hapy to let you illustrate some of our stories from the collection.

You can submit your artwork in color to be featured on the anthology website, but please be aware that it will be printed in black and white in the book.

Please keep in mind that we will not be accepting artwork that has nudity in it for this anthology. We will also not be able to accept any artwork that infringes on copyright (Disney or otherwise.)

All submissions should be portrait rather than landscape (a.k.a. up and down, not across) to fit on the pages of the book.


Artist will retain all rights to their work, but we ask that the piece is exclusive to the anthology for 6 months after it is published (which we also expect our authors to do with their stories) which means you can put it on your website, but the image should not be used anywhere else. After the six months, you are free to post your image, show it around, and sell prints if you like. Your piece will remain inside of the printed anthology and anthology website permanently.

We will be creating some promo graphics with the artwork for the anthology, so if you want to share it on social media during the six months it’s exclusive to the anthology, we ask that you use the promo graphics will will create for you to show it off with.

We ask that for the sake of uniformity that you do not sign your drawing. All artwork will be credited with with the following under the image:

Piece Title

Artist Name

Artist website (if applicable)

We’re doing this so that the anthology looks uniform and streamlined. If you have questions, please feel free to email!


All skill levels are welcome to submit! We can’t wait to see what you’re going to create!


All submissions are due by Saturday March 31, 2018.

Please send submissions to with subject line “MERMAID ANTHOLOGY ARTWORK SUBMISSION”

We will let you know if you were selected by April 4th.

Want to run your idea by us? Want to show us your works in progress for feedback? Feel free to reach out! We’re here to help and support you so you can create your best artwork possible! We want to give you every chance to participate!

We look forward to hearing from you!

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