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Dome life isn’t all it’s cracked up to be in Girl of Glass by Megan O’Russell. Megan stopped by for a fun little interview here on the blog AND a live broadcast over on my Facebook page, but before we jump in, Megan’s here to tell us a little bit about Girl of Glass: “Girl of Glass is a mid-apoclyptic Sci-Fi with chemically-induced vampires that tells the story of the end of the world from the point of view of one of the upper one percent chosen to survive.”

  1. In Girl of Glass, people on the dangerous outside of the dome have been given new drugs that allow them to go out into the poisoned night. In your world, which is poison, morning or night and why?

There are a lot of different dangers and poisons in the world of Girl of Glass. The sun will burn and cause horrible disease. The food contains contaminants that shut down organs. The water holds chemicals that will kill. The only ones who have figured out a way to survive in the outside world have changed their bodies to not need food or water. Their sacrifice is the sun…which was going to hurt them anyway.


  1. Living inside of a protected dome is part of Nola’s life in Girl of Glass, but you tend to be a world traveler. If you were restricted to living in a dome for the rest of your life, how quickly would you try to escape?

I’d give myself about two weeks. One week for exploring my surroundings. One week for extensive napping. Then I’d go stir crazy and bust out.


  1. As an actress, you travel a lot. What’s the most interesting place that you’ve been to that you though “yes, my character would love to live here” on your travels?

Khao Sok Lake in Thailand. The lake is surrounded by beautiful spires and cliffs, which have turned the lake into such a maze people can get lost permanently. I was lucky enough to spend the night in a floating hut on the lake, and I knew one of my characters would have to end up there. The lake became a huge part in my YA fantasy novel The Girl Without Magic.

  1. You have several books out now. Imagining you could catch a train to any of your book worlds, which would it be and why?

That’s really tough. I would have to say that I’d go to the Siren’s Realm in The Girl Without Magic. Not that life is always happy and perfect in the Siren’s Realm, but it’s way better than Girl of Glass!


  1. If you were living in a dome, what color would the glass be made out of and why?

I’d have to go with a sensible amber. It’s what I prefer for my sunglasses, so it feels right.

  1. At seventeen, Nola wants to help people outside of the dome. When you were seventeen what were your aspirations? Did you know you wanted to write?

When I was seventeen I was desperately auditioning for college dance programs and also writing my first book. I think, though I didn’t quite know it at the time, I wanted to be a storyteller, and that’s where I’ve ended up. A little less noble than rushing into danger to save lives, but I’m happy with it.


  1. Knowing that you act for a living, do you ever find yourself slipping into a director mindset and placing them on your “stage” the way you want them to be? Do you ever get upset when they don’t listen and end up on the wrong side of the stage?

Absolutely. I like all my furniture and characters to be in appealing places. Sometimes everyone behaves. Sometimes, not so much. The worst is in fight scenes. You have a whole choreographed plan of how the fight is going to happen. One character gets slash happy, and everything spirals out of control.


  1. If you could take on the role of any one of your characters, which would it be and why?

I would want to be Raina from Girl of Glass. Getting to be that strong and brave while not caring at all what people think about you would be super liberating.


  1. Stage right or stage left?

Always left.


  1. If you’re trapped inside of a dome and you could only bring one character with you to help you escape, which one would it be?

I would have to go with Eric from my YA urban fantasy How I Magically Messed Up My Life in Four Freakin’ Days. He’s a wizard, so bonus points for magically escaping the glass. He’d also be fun to hang out with while on the run, and as much of a jerk as he might seem, I know he wouldn’t leave me behind to die. All super important qualities when choosing an escape buddy.

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