Meet Smarmy from Jaded

Want to get to know Smarmy (no, I won’t tell you his real name yet) from the Jaded Duology a little better?

Smarmy is interesting because he was never meant to be a part of Jaded other than to annoy Jade for a few minutes. But Smarmy, oh Smarmy, he forced his way in. He made me give him a name. He made me let him stay…and not only stay, but become crucial to the story.

Fact: While I was writing this book, I actually yelled at him and about him to one of my friends. To this day, this girl has not read this book and does not know Smarmy’s real name. She, however, loved him based on what I told her about him.

Everyone ends up loving Smarmy…but he doesn’t fool me. I know who I’m dealing with-careful Smarmy, I have plans for you.

Are you dying to learn his name? Guess in the comments.

Oh let’s be real, you want to meet him, don’t you?

You can get the first three chapters for free at

Will you meet Smarmy in the first three chapters? *laughs hysterically* Nope. But trust me, you’ll have enough misgivings about Roan to hold you over until you can meet Smarmy (who has an interesting connection to both Roan and Jade) Yeah, good luck with that teaser.

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