Meet Mr. Eroh from The Jaded Duology

Mr. Eroh is a character from Jaded that we haven’t talked about too much yet. He is the man who gave Jade her first (and current) job.

Mr. Eroh plays a big role in Jade’s life, especially once she is separated from her father. He’s a man of quiet deception, and no one realizes just how capable this older gentleman really is.

While I can’t say too much about Mr. Eroh or his shop because of spoilers, I can say that I completely love this man and can’t wait for you to meet him and see what tricks he has up his sleeve:

Want to learn more about Mr. Eroh? Grab the first three chapters of Jaded for free at and get the full book on June 27 (available for preorder now)

Do you think Jade will be able to survive using what Mr. Eroh taught her? Sound off in the comments!

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