Live Book Reading: Jaded

Want to hear the first bit of Jaded read by the author herself (a.k.a. me)?????

Here’s your chance! I jumped on a Facebook live broadcast and read the first few sections of Chapter 1 of Jaded, the first book in The Jaded Duology.


During my live broadcast launch party, I had people in the chatroom suggest that I should record audio books…excuse me while I blush. Do YOU want to hear me read more from The Jaded Duology?

To learn more about Jaded visit

To get the first three chapters for free, visit

You also have the opportunity to go on missions for Jade’s boss, Mr. Eroh, as he quietly works behind the scenes to save Jade from certain death-your actions during these missions could make all the difference! To play the interactive, choose-your-own-adventure game right through Facebook messenger, visit

Are you excited to see if Jade survives? Sound off in the comments!

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