Jaded Book Launch Live Party

Yesterday was the Jaded launch and it was amazing! Special thanks to all of the fans who came out in droves on social media to support the release of Jaded-you’re all amazing!

During the Book Launch Live party, we talked Jaded secrets, played Jaded bingo, designed Jade’s party dress, gave away an adult coloring sheet, did a live book reading, answered questions live on air and more!

Here’s what happened:

Want to play along? No problem!!

Jaded Bingo

Design Jade’s Dress

Interested in trying Jaded or my other series, The Golden Trilogy? Now you can get the first three chapters of Jaded and the first chapter and a half of Golden for free here.

Ready to learn more about Jaded? jadedinfo.kmrobinsonbooks.com

What was your favorite part of the party? Hit up my comments and let me know!!

Stay inspired,



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