Jaded ARCs

The Jaded ARCs will be ready soon-I’m so excited!

I’ve had some amazing responses to Jaded so far from everyone that has read it and I can’t wait to see what YOU think about it too!

Her father failed in his mission to take control from the Commander, a defeat that has cost Jade her life. She will die as punishment. Now she belongs to the Commander’s son—as his wife. Knowing his intent is to quietly kill her in revenge, Jade’s every move is calculated to survive—until she learns her death ensures the safety of her father and her entire town.

Roan doesn’t want to kill Jade, but once his family isolates her from her father and community, his only choice is to go through with the plan. Jade doesn’t make it easy as she tries to sway him into falling for her. Each misstep makes him question his cause. Each moment makes every decision harder, but the Commander won’t allow him to fail.

One chooses life. One chooses death. In the midst of the chaos, only one will succeed.

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Are you interested in a Jaded ARC? Hit up the comments and I’ll put you on the wait list for info!

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  1. I would love to be included in the group that gets your ARC’s. I am also in the Golden Read Along. I am excited to see what your new story is like.

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