How Do You Feel About Villains? (Fan Question)

I recently got a question from a fan asking how I felt about villains.


Truth be told, I love a good villain. They always have such a unique perspective on things-they’re the hero of their own story.

Villains are fun to write, fun to play, and fun to create…sometimes even more fun than the heroes.

Do I like dressing up like villains? Oh yes. Remember that Say Hey Saturday when I dressed like an evil queen? Remember that RT TV/YAE Cross over Halloween episode where I dressed like Regina from Once Upon A Time? Have you SEEN my fine art photography?

Yes, I like a villain.

What do you think-are you a villain fan? Sound off in the comments! Who is your fav baddie?

I’m a huge fan of the Evil Queen/Regina from Once Upon a Time, but if we’re talking Disney movies, I’m all about Ursula and Maleficent!

Stay inspired,


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