How Do You Feel About HEAs?

Hey, K.M.! How do you feel about HEAs? -A

Hey, A! I love them-HEAs (happily ever afters) are great…as long as they are realistic. I’m a big fan of people being happy in the end, but I’m also a big fan of realistic endings.

In my own stories, I love to see my characters end up happy, but there’s always going to be a cost. “No one gets out unscathed,” I always say.

Now, that doesn’t mean every story I write will have a happy ending. Not all of them will (that’s your warning, people.) I’m saying when they do, it will be earned, they will have gone through the fire to get there, and there will be scars. For me and my stories, I have to have realistic endings…no fluffy changes to make it “nicer.”

Happily ever afters are fabulous, we all dream of happily ever afters. But we need to keep them realistic. Actions have consequences and those consequences need to play out for real.

Scars are beautiful, that’s all I’m saying.

Thanks for writing in, A!

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