Golden Launch Book Signing in Dickson City, PA

Earlier this month I did an awesome book signing in Dickson City, PA.

This is a look at how I decorated my table for the event. I used golden accents to highlight the story (ha, golden for Golden) and made my banner a spotlight. Everyone in the entire place was reading the banner the entire evening!


My first sale was to a lovely gentleman who saw me setting up and looked me up on his phone. He had me sign the book and sat there and read the entire first chapter before he left. How sweet!


It was so lovely during the quiet times to be able to jump on Facebook Live and hang out with the fans who weren’t close enough to come to the event in person!

Over all it was an amazing night and I’ve already been asked back to do more signings and hold some writing events! I’m so excited!

Special thanks to the awesome employees of the Starbucks in Dickson City, PA-you were awesome!

Stay inspired,



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