Golden Is A Best Seller!

Golden Is A Best Seller! I can hardly believe it!

On Friday, Golden crashed to the top of the lists, ranking #1 in a ton of categories and taking the #7 position in the entire kindle store.

Those are just a few of the categories Golden ranked in over the course of the last few days since hitting #1

I could not be more excited! Thank you, thank you, thank you for making this a reality for me!

The best part is that this is the SECOND TIME this month that I’ve hit best seller with one of my books. I’m.freaking.out.

You all rock and I hope you are enjoying Golden, which is my YA retelling of Goldilocks and The Three Bears where Goldilocks was never naive…she was sent on a mission and Dov Baer is her new target.


“GOLDEN is a daring retelling full of intrigue, betrayal, danger, and just the right amount of swoon. You will never see ‘Goldilocks’ the same way again! A must read!” -Sherry D. Ficklin, author of QUEEN OF SOMEDAY

“A fast-paced and thrilling dystopian with a surprising fairy tale twist, GOLDEN is perfect for fans of The Hunger Games or Divergent looking for their nextfavorite series.” -Lyssa Chiavari, author of FOURTH WORLD

“A cunning and witty fantasy story that turns an old tale into ahigh-stakes, thrilling adventure that will leave you clamoring for more. I havea new hero to root for! Auluria is the perfect character in this fun-fill storythat turns Goldilocks upside down. “ -Jennifer Anne Davis, author of THE TRUE REIGN SERIES

Goldilocks wasn’t naive. She was sent on a mission and Dov Baer is her new target.

When the girl with the golden hair betrays everyone, not even she has hope of surviving.

The stories say that Goldilocks was a naïve girl who wandered into a house one day. Those stories were wrong. She was never naïve. It was all a perfectly executed plan to get her into the Baers’ group to destroy them.

Trained by her cousin, Lowell, and handler, Shadoe, Auluria’s mission is to destroy the Baers by getting close to the youngest brother, Dov, his brother and sister-in-law and the leaders of the Baers’ group. When she realizes Dov isn’t as evil as her cousin led her to believe, she must figure out how to play both sides or her deception will cause everyone in her world to burn.

If her allegiances are discovered, either side could destroy her…if the Society doesn’t get her first.


What do you think? Are you excited to read Golden? Sound off in the comments!

And when you’re all done reading, I have interactive, choose-your-own-adventure games for you to play, FB filters for you to use and more!

Stay inspired,

-K.M. Robinson


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