Forged Cover Reveal

I’m so excited to debut the cover for Forged, the prequel novella to The Golden Trilogy!


Before Lowell sent Auluria on a mission for his master plan of destruction, before Shadoe trained her to be a vicious and deceptive fighter, before she ever met Dov Baer and his family, Auluria was a young girl merely trying to survive. Once she is brought into Lowell’s fold after the death of her aunt, Auluria is placed under the supervision of Shadoe, a cruel and careless mentor. She must learn to fight to further her cousin’s mission to destroy the Society that persecutes their own people. As her training continues, she finds herself in growingly dangerous situations, all leading to her greatest mission yet: to destroy Dov and Berwyn Baer and become the deceptive fighter Lowell has made her to be.

Are you interested in Forged? Hit up the comments and let me know what you’re the most excited to see in this prequel novella!

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