Fet Fan Art

I’m totally loving on this epic drawing of Fet (Little Miss Muffet) from my hacker series, The Legends Chronicles. The touches of pink in her hair are the perfect hint of what is to come (yes, the artist had advanced knowledge of something to come!) Fet would be impressed…or not, because when is Fet every impressed if you aren’t a rockstar hacker?!?! lol

I always love seeing new fan art creations from my stories. Some of the best parts of my day are opening up my emails and DMs to find your fan creations (drawings, cosplay images, bookstagram photos, etc) I thrive off seeing these awesome peices of art of all skill levels!

Do YOU have fan art from The Golden Trilogy, The Jaded Duology, or The Legends Chronicles? Send in it so I can feature it!

If you were going to give Fet any cyber punk outfit, what would you pick? Sound off in the comments!

Stay inspired,


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