Fan Art: Auluria

Hello, Auluria (a.k.a Goldilocks)

I love this fan art piece created by my amazing Reading Transforms artist, Alexis.

When Alexis was showing me the “in progress” images of this drawing, I said, “I love it, it looks like she’s about to argue with you,” to which Alexis replied, “Well, it IS Auluria.” I about died at that point, because she’s right!

One thing that I really like about this image is that it’s from the very beginning of the story, right when our girl meets Dov. You can see how her clothes are a bit tattered from running through the forest. I love it-you can see her strength and defiance…but also vulnerability. But, I, of course, am biased because I love Auluria.

Which side of Auluria do you like best-her quiet, vulnerable side or her strong, well trained side? Comment below and let me know why you love Auluria!

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