Character Couples in Costume

Have you ever wondered what your favorite book characters would wear for Halloween costumes? You’re in luck, I’m giving you a complete list of couples costumes my characters would wear this year! Let’s take a look!

Dov and Auluria from Golden would definitely go as assassin couple Mr. and Mrs. Smith. If you think Auluria wouldn’t rock that little black dress and Dov wouldn’t absolutely kill that suit, you’re dead wrong, my friend. These two will take home first prize for hotness.

Roan and Jade from Jaded would take the lead from Jade’s incredible fashion sense and ability to make her own couture gowns and run with The Greatest Showman inspired circus outfits. Jade will clearly be more daring than Roan, but he’s certainly willing to follow her lead on this.

Spider and Muffet from Alone Came A Spider are going as the Mad Hatter and March Hare. Fet, of course, is forcing Spider to wear bunny ears…he will spend the evening harassing her with insane voices and she will swing her top hat at him in revenge. She’s totally down for the off-beat Mad Hatter look, bright colors and all.

Royce and Rora from Virtually Sleeping Beauty are still figuring each other out, and while they have their (many) disagreements, there’s something that keeps drawing them together, so when Rora suggested Ricky and Lucy from I Love Lucy, Royce was all about putting on an accent and carrying around a bongo drum as he sings to Rora in her red wig all evening.

Merrick and Celena From The Siren Wars Saga are going steampunk this year—they’ve always been fans of fancy accessories, as are all mer, so steampunk fashion fits perfectly for them! Everything is handmade and works perfectly together.

Troy and Aila from Origins of The Siren Wars are taking a more classic hero and heroine bend to their costumes this year, dressing as Robin Hood and Maid Marrion—a perfect fit for them as they work together to save the day, and look chic, stylish, and class while doing it.

Jack and Genesis from The Revolution of Jack Frost are jumping into comic book heroes and dressing like Superman and Wonderwoman, complete with fancy capes and bracelets. This may or may not have been Jack’s idea, and one kiss was all it took to convince Gen to go along with it.

Corinth and Goselyn from The Goose Girl and The Artificial are going as Ally and Noah from the Notebook. If she’s a bird, he’s a bird.

Quay and Cara from The Sinking are attending the costume party as Tarzan and Jane, mostly so Quay can show off his gorgeous abs, but also because Cara likes to work with jungle prints and vines.

Davian and Cindrill are going as Peter Pan and Tinkerbell, letting Cindrill unleash her sassy attitude, while also giving Davian the opportunity to act young and immature instead of carrying the weight of running a country on his shoulders for the evening.

Hansel and Annika are going fancy this year in glitter ensembles inspired by The Great Gatsby. Hansel will be in a dashing suit while Annika glitters her way around the room, fancy headpiece and all.

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What are YOU wearing for your costume this year? Let me know in the comments below!

Stay inspired,

-K.M. Robinson

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