Character Conversations: Jack Frost from The Revolution of Jack Frost

If you could ask Jack Frost anything at all, what would you want to know? This week, I’m sitting down with Jack (Jack Frost) for a conversation about his life outside of the Archives of Jack Frost Series.

KM: Jack Frost, thanks for hanging out. How are you today?

Jack: Doing fine, thanks. How are you?

KM: Good, aside from the weather…you didn’t have anything to do with that, did you?

Jack: Me? Of course not. I don’t control the weather, K.M.

KM: Good point. Are you enjoying the winter though?

Jack: Not especially. I try to avoid the cold when I can. The snow kind of makes it hard to function.

KM: That’s really true. I haven’t been a fan of shoveling this winter. If you could get out of the cold and go anywhere, where would you go?

Jack: I’d take Genesis and go somewhere tropical. A beach sounds heavenly right now.

KM: How is Gen doing? I haven’t talk to her in a bit. Have you been hiding her away on me?

Jack: Ha. Yes. In an ice palace, clearly.

KM: I mean, if anyone were to make an ice palace…

Jack: Is this turning into a Frozen reference?

KM: Do you want it to turn into a Frozen reference?

Jack: …..I think we should get back on track. But maybe.

KM: Do you have a favorite snow memory, Jack?

Jack: There was this one Winter a few months ago when Genesis and Azra decided to team up on me and have a snowball fight. It was the very end of the Winter season, so it was still cold and snowy, but it wasn’t blizzard-level bad, which meant we felt a little more freedom before rushing back to the bunker.

KM: Good for them!

Jack: Really? You’re going to interrupt me? In the middle of my story?

KM: Yes, Jack. I’m going to interrupt you. I have to cheer on my girls.

Jack: Your girls attacked me.

KM: So I heard.

Jack: Why are we friends again?

KM: You couldn’t survive without me, Jack. Now, tell me about how the girls beat you up.

Jack: They didn’t beat me up.

KM: They attacked you with snowballs.

Jack: Yeah, Nes and me.  Don’t worry, they didn’t last long.

KM: What did you do?

Jack: Nothing you wouldn’t have done.

KM: Jokes on you, friend, I don’t play in the snow if I don’t have to.

Jack: Fine. We attacked back. it may or may not have ended with Azra up a tee, Nes running for cover, and Gen and me tucked behind a snowbank…kissing and making up.

KM: Is there ever a time when you’re not trying to get that girl alone?

Jack: Not really. You see, I kind of like her.

KM: Oh, is that right?

Jack: Yes, that’s right.

KM: If you like her so much, let’s see how much you know about her…

Jack: Try me.

KM: Tell us a secret about Gen.

Jack: Are you trying to get me trapped in an ice prison, woman? I’m not selling Gen out…unless you bribe me.

KM: I have candy.

Jack: What kind?

KM: Umm…I have Reese’s sticks direct from Hershey Park.

Jack: Done. When Gen first learned to snap her fingers, instead of using her middle finger and thumb, she used her ring finger. It took her two years to learn to do it properly. Now she uses that talent to get my attention when I’m distracted.

KM: I knew I liked her. How are your snapping skills, Jack?

Jack: Fine, but I prefer other methods of getting people’s attention.

KM: I’m not going to ask.

Jack: You shouldn’t ask.

KM: I’m really not going to. Changing the topic…let’s pretend you have a snow day where you don’t have to worry about your survival…what would be your activity of choice?

Jack: Sledding or ice skating. Sledding if it’s a group activity, ice skating if it’s a small group of couples only…or just me and Gen.

KM: That sounds like fun. How are you at ice skating?

Jack: Really? It’s me. I’m king of the ice.

KM: Good to know. I’ll be sure to mention that to Gen when she sits down for her intterview—

Jack: Wait, Gen is doing one of these?

KM: She is!

Jack: You probably could have warned me about that.

KM: I could have, but it’s more fun this way.

Jack: See if we do this again…

KM: We will. You like the attention.

Jack: Can’t deny that.

KM: I’ll let you go, Jack, but thanks for hanging out.

Jack: Thanks for chatting, KM.

So there you have it, friends. I hope you enjoyed this chat with Jack from The Archives of Jack Frost Series. Let me know which character (from any of my stories) you’d like to hear from next during our Character Conversations!


Stay inspired,

-K.M. Robinson


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