Character Conversations: Auluria from Golden

If you could ask Goldilocks-on-a-mission anything at all, what would you want to know? This week, I’m sitting down with Auluria (Goldilocks) for a conversation about her life outside of the Golden Trilogy.

KM: Hey, Auluria! Welcome to Character Conversations! I’m so excited to have you. You and I have actually known each other a long time.

Auluria: Yes, we have. It’s so surreal to think about.

KM: You were actually my very first (published) character and the one I wanted to write first even before the stories I wrote before Golden that haven’t been published. Your story has been with me since I was a little girl.

Auluria: It’s pretty exciting to have that honor. I’ve wanted my real story told for so many years now and it just got so muddled along the way. I mean, they kind of made me sound ditzy for walking into a stranger’s house and setting up shop when that’s not how it happened at all.

KM: Right? I’m glad we got that cleared up. Speaking of, do you think the Society had anything to do with that beige version of your story?

Auluria: Probably. I wouldn’t put anything past Magistrate Canton and his men.

KM: Before Lowell took you and starting training you, how much knowledge did you have of the Society?

Auluria: My aunt kept me fairly well informed, at least as much as you’d tell a young girl. Lowell often came home with stories though, and sometimes I’d eavesdrop when my aunt sent me into another room when my cousin came home in a mood with a story to tell. I knew more than my aunt wanted me to, but less than I would have known, honestly.

KM: If you could go back and tell young Auluria anything, what would it be?

Auluria: Uh…faction before blood?

KM: Is that a Divergent reference?

Auluria: What?!?! My series is over—I have to do something with my spare time.

KM: How do you even know Divergent?

Auluria: Isn’t it one of your favorites?

KM: Yes, but how did you get a copy of it? There aren’t exactly books like that in the Society.

Auluria: …I borrowed yours.

KM: I’m not even going to ask how you managed that—

Auluria: Reallocation, my friend. It’s kind of the Baers’ way.

KM: Good point. Speaking of Dov Baer…he’s actually been voted as the swooniest of all the guys I’ve written by my fans. Is he aware of this?

Auluria: I doubt it, but I’m happy to remind him if you’d like.

KM: haha I know behind the scenes of my books, all of my characters actually hang out. Which of the other girls do you connect with the best?

Auluria: Aside from Reyla who is from Golden, Jade from the Jaded Duology and I hang out a lot. We’ve also recently started spending a lot of time with Annika from Sugarcoated.

KM: I feel like the three of you are the perfect fit for each other.

Auluria: I agree. Honestly, though, the entire cast of all of your books are pretty close. We have some differences, of course, and the guys can sometimes get a little stubborn over things, but we’re all pretty good about figuring it out.

KM: Do you feel like you and Lowell could ever work out your differences.

Auluria: In a perfect world, I’d like to think we could figure it out. Sometimes I wonder what it would have been like if my aunt hadn’t died when I was so young.

KM: Your aunt was a bit of a seamstress, wasn’t she?

Auluria: She was.

KM: If you could switch wardrobes with any of my other characters, who would it be?

Auluria: Well, I love Jade’s wardrobe—she always has such pretty things. Come to think of it, so does Anikka. Functionality-wise though, I’d have to go with Cindrill’s wardrobe. She’s an assassin with fashion…and I’m pretty sure Dov wouldn’t mind seeing me in that killer wardrobe either.

KM: Good call, my friend. Question on the assassin note: did you ever have any idea of what Lowell was really sending you to do before you left on your mission? I mean, you knew you were supposed to destroy the Baer family, but did you know you were really meant to end their lives?

Auluria: Honestly, I’m not sure. I guess maybe I had a very vague idea that it might come to that, but I never thought I’d be so directly involved. I thought we were going to discredit them and turn them over to the Society and they’d be the ones doing…whatever. But all of that played into what happened, so…

KM: That’s true. Before we go though, I do want to ask a few fun little questions.

Auluria: Sure.

KM: Can you tell us something Dov does that most people don’t know about?

Auluria: Wow, did your fans ask that one? Dov actually sings a lot. it kind of starts out as humming and then within a few lines, he’s quietly singing whatever song it is and if I catch him, he gives it all he’s got. It usually ends in him putting down the dishes or whatever he was doing and sweeping me across the room as I giggle at him to stop dancing.

KM: Figures. He’s a charmer.

Auluria: That he is.

KM: Is there anything you do that we should know about?

Auluria: Not that I can think of.

KM: That’s fine, I’ll just ask Dov when I chat with him.

Auluria: Don’t you dare.

KM: Sorry, it’s happening. And don’t bother threatening me, I can always write an extended epilogue.

Auluria: Wow, you went there.

KM: I did. Before we go, can you let everyone know why they should read your story?

Auluria: The tale of Goldilocks isn’t as basic or bland as they say. My true story involves way more heartbreak, a bunch of violence, and a love story that’s so devastating that you’re going to be left with a serious book hangover if fans are to be listened to. I’m really excited for new readers to jump into the trilogy.

KM: Thanks so much for hanging out today, Auluria. Can’t wait to do this again!

Auluria: Same. Thanks for having me!

So there you have it, friends. I hope you enjoyed this chat with Auluria from The Golden Trilogy. Let me know which character (from any of my stories) you’d like to hear from next during our Character Conversations!


Stay inspired,

-K.M. Robinson



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