Candace Robinson Interview: Quincey Wolfe’s Glass Vault

In case you haven’t figured out Candace is a vibrant lady, today we’re taking a look at her book, Quincey Wolfe’s Glass Case, and I have a feeling you’re going to be thrilled with how unique this story is. I asked Candace to tell us a bit about the series before we get started:

“A mysterious museum where things are exactly as they seem—nightmarish. But don’t worry, bring a friend, and you may get out—or not.”

1. In Quinsey Wolfe’s Glass Vault, a mysterious museum appears overnight. What is the most interesting museum visit you’ve ever had in real life?
I’d have to say Body Worlds at the Houston Science Museum when I went a while back. It’s just such a cool and weird concept because the people you are looking at are literally dead, but the whole creation is beautiful.
2. In the story, people start to disappear, but if you were to have a (non scary) place to disappear to, where would you go?
If it’s a real place, I’d have to say New Zealand. We went one year and it was freaking amazing and beautiful. Here in this part of Texas, it’s basically home of the chemical plants. Now, if we’re talking fictional, take me to the kick butt worlds of Sarah J. Maas. I need a little fae in my life!
3. Perrie lives in Deer Park, Texas. If you could pick any one location in Texas to call the coolest, where would it be?
Oh geez, I haven’t been to many, but I’d have to say Fredericksburg was pretty cool. It has the German heritage thing going on, sort of like me!
4. If you had to create a museum all about you, what types of things would be on display?
It would be all sorts of vintage business. Records, cassettes, arcade games, books, VHS tapes, and then we could go back even farther and have a bunch of medieval weapons just because they look cool!
5. If you had the opportunity to have Perrie help you out while writing your current project, would she be a helpful partner or would she be distracting?
Perrie would be ever the sarcastic and helpful one, now her cousin, Maisie, may be a different story. She’d be talking about her collection of eye patches the whole time, while shoving them in my face.

6. If you were to go on a rescue mission, which author friend would you bring with you as a partner and why?
I’d take my friend, Alexa Whitewolf. She’s written some books that involve Merlin, so I figure she’d know how to get around the whole—we may be in a story type of thing, so let’s use what we know to hopefully get us out of here.
7. Assuming you were trapped in a strange location, would you be able to get yourself out or would you have to wait for someone to save you? 
Is this a Saw kind of situation? Some of those obstacles are pretty insane, so I may make it out on my own, but may be missing a hand or something!
8. Your book covers are comprised of bold colors…what color best represents your writing style and why?
I want to say red, because even though some of the books have dark and quirky aspects, there’s always romance along the way.
9. If you were to pick one time of day for fans to start reading your book, what specific time would that be and why?
I’d have to take it to military time and say 13:00, since 13 is my favorite number ever. A useless fact: I got married on October 13th because October and the number 13 are awesome!
10. If you and your villain were dropped into a room together, what would happen?
If I wasn’t married, then there could possibly be … a kiss … involved!

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