Book Snack for Golden: A Bookish Recipe

Last night I posted a graphic over on my Instagram page where I asked what everyone’s favorite book snack was…

I got some great answers and decided to share MY current favorite book snack:

Now, don’t go quote me on these amounts, in future videos and blog posts, I’ll be a little more precise, but with this one you can mix it up a little!

Grab a handful of almonds (preferably with sea salt) and add in some cashews. Now add in a handful of craisons and/or raisins. Next add cubes of sharp cheddar cheese. Finish it off with a few apple slices. Mix well. Enjoy.

So why the fruits and berries? Two reasons: 1.) because Golden takes place in the forest and they definitely gather berries to have with their meals, and 2.) because I adore healthy foods. Fruits and vegetables are like candy to me…I absolutely love them! I only have actual candy once in awhile, but fruits and veggies…I could live on those!

I hope you’ll join me in this Golden themed snack!

Tell me in the comments what YOUR favorite book snack is!

Stay inspired,


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