Auluria Welcomes Jade To The Club (Character Text Convo)

What happens when book characters are friends in real life? Okay, not real life, but pretend with me here for a sec!

If Golden and Jaded were set in our modern world, would Auluria (Golden) and Jade (Jaded) be friends? Umm, heck to the yes!

So what would it be like if these ladies hung out for real?

Let’s take a peek at their texts and find out:

Want to take a peek at a convo between some of my other characters? Tell me in the comments who YOU would like to see a convo between!!

Hint: I already have one coming soon between Dov and Auluria from Golden…and eventually I’m planning one between The Commander and Roan Diamond from Jaded. *evil grin*

Stay inspired,


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