A Look at Jade’s Desk from The Jaded Duology

I just posted this picture over on Instagram and it made me think about what type of items would be found on Jade’s desk (if she were to have a desk) and I feel like this is a pretty good representation of Jade!

She’s definitely go with white furniture in her personal space and accent it with pops of color. She’s a big fan of purples and mints with hints of periwinkle, very much like this image.

Jade likes to be girly, so she would have princess hints around the room, from something like a crown magnifying glass, little touches of glitter gold and silver.

While allergic to most plants, succulents, like this one, would be perfect for her…especially if it was a fake. Side note: all of my succulents are fake and I adore them.

She would certainly have books all over her personal space with at least one on her desk.

Jade has a passion for the written word, both in book form and in note form. Pencils and pens would clutter her desk, with nearby notepads and note cards to write on.

I imagine Jade would set her hair brush on her desk as well. Probably a few hair accessories too. Typically she would keep that on her dresser, but she also sets things down where they are convenient, which means, they’d likely end up on the desk as she was walking out of the room.

Of course, we’d also find things like nail polish on Jade’s desk in fun colors that match her favorite outfits. Jade’s a fashionista, so pretty nail polish is a must.

What else do YOU think would be on Jade’s desk? Let me know in the comments!

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